Classrooms/Training centers

CRCOP has well maintained classrooms & Training centers which provides students with the opportunity to study one content area intensely. Faculty, using a variety of educational strategies, help students achieve the learning objectives.


The college has excellent facilities to impart practical knowledge in various subjects of pharmacy profession. Following lab facilities are available in CR College of Pharmacy:

Physical Pharmaceutics lab

The lab is well designed and maintained to train the students in the practical aspects of Physico-chemical properties of drugs. It includes  performulation studies of a new dosage and also accelerated stability testing, micromeritics and rheology of Pharmaceuticals. Complete safety precautions are taken in order to ensure safe working environment.

Preparative Pharmacy lab

The main aim of this lab is to emphasize on providing the basic knowledge of subject to the students to train them as per the pharmaceutical industry requirements.It includes Manufacture elixirs, spririts, and eye drops, jellies, powders of syrups,lotions,liniments,ear throat paints, pastes ans suppositories are done in this laboratory.

Pharmacy Practice Lab

This lab includes Dispensing of aromatic waters,mixtures, emulsions, inhalations, spray solutions gargles, mouth washes, ointments, douches, granules and creams are done.,

Hospital and Clinical Pharmac

This lab includes Manufacture of large volume parental and quality control test for surgical dressings and limit tests of pharmaceuticals are done.

Formulative and Industrial Pharmacy lab

This lab is fully equipped with mini percolators, tincture press, granulators, cutter mill, mixers, drier, tablet punching machine, coating pan, counter, capsule filling machine and suppository moulds to prepare various dosage forms of pharmaceuticals like tablets, capsules, liquid orals, parenterals, dentrifices, ointments, areosols and cosmetics. It has wide range of instruments like tablet hardness tester, friabilator, disintegration apparatus, dissolution apparatus pH meter and clarity finder to test the quality of the products prepared.

Biotechnology lab

Established in the year 1991. Has HEPA filter, autoclave, laminar air flow unit, incubator, hot air oven, Bacteria colony counter and aseptic room with positive pressure system in an air conditioned arena. Piolt scale fermentation process of antibiotics, vitamins and alcohol are done here.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab has latest Computer systems with adequate number of work stations. The department is looked after by a team of well qualified, dedicated & experienced faculty. The management insists on a strict code of conduct for students and teaching staff, fostering quality which is keeping with fundamentals of good education.