CR College of Pharmacy has extremely qualified and professionally competent faculty members. All our faculty members with their appreciable experience at industry and academic level are the perfect choice to train the upcoming pharmacist’s in both practical as well as theoretical front. Utmost care is taken to counsel the students in their academic performance.  The perfect blend of interpersonal student – teacher relationship creates a healthy atmosphere for learning and developing high moral and professional qualities.

Teaching Staff
Sl.No Faculty Designation
1. Dr.Kishore Kumar D.V M.Pharm.,Ph.D Principal
2. Gururaj S. Malleshappa B.Pharm Sr.Lecturer
3. Nagaraja Gupta S.E. B.Pharm Sr.Lecturer
4. Rathna Sri G.R B.Pharm Lecturer
5. Balaram Krishna B.Pharm Lecturer
6. Manjunath K.S B.Pharm Lecturer
7. Subhash Chandra Pal B.Pharm Lecturer
8. Sandeep H.N B.Pharm Lecturer
9. Kuncham Rajkumar D.Pharm.,B.Pharm Lab Technician
10. Subramanyam D.Pharm Lab Technician